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Statistically, Edmonton equals economic success. Our regional economy has all the right elements for creating long-term prosperity for yourself, your family, or your business—and we have the data to back up our claim. That makes an insurance brokerage in Edmonton all the more important.

The Conference Board of Canada estimates that Edmonton’s 2013 economic output grew faster than that of any other major Canadian city by a significant margin, and has forecasted that Edmonton will remain one of Canada’s fastest growing economies for years to come. The Edmonton insurance brokerage that knows where the city is headed is better equipped to meet the needs of small businesses and nonprofits in this city.

With an ever-increasing GDP that outshines other regions, a highly diverse labour force, one that is growing in size and skill set, thousands of new people and businesses find a home in Edmonton every year. We understand the need for an insurance brokerage that caters to Edmonton’s unique business landscape.

Apply for a free quote in minutes with our simplified online application process for small business insurance. We’re here to help your small business out along the way, through chat, email and phone.

We’ve harnessed the power of group buying to base premiums on the average of claims across all small business participants. Your small business will never be singled out for an increase.

Small business insurance can be complicated! We have some resources for you to check out to help you navigate your way through the world of small business insurance — from beginning to end!

Why are Spark Insurance prices so low? We take full advantage of the power of group buying to help Canadian small businesses like yours organize and save. Policy holders form a community and our underwriting algorithms offer clients some of the lowest prices in the country. Premiums are based on the average of claims across all participants, and when bundled together, costs are incredibly low.